UMCS Summer School Transnationalism in Practice


Lublin, July 2-12, 2018


UMCS Summer School  Transnationalism in Practice is a continuation of the Lublin Workshops organised by International Research Foundation since 2009. Summer School provides a forum to discuss phenomena of transnationality in the contemporary globalizing and integrating world. The special focus of the School is on the process of internationalization of such non-state actors as local and regional governments, non-government organizations and civil society. Each year we focus on different aspect of transnationality. Summer School provides opportunity to deepen participants’ knowledge on transnationalism in contemporary global relations and allows participants to improve skills important for transnational cooperation and projects. The program of the Summer School includes academic lectures, seminars and discussions as well as workshops, study visits, case studies of good practices in actual transnational cooperation projects.  

Summer School 2018 course will focus on CITIES AS TRANSNATIONAL ACTORS.  Participants will look at modern cities involvement in contemporary transnational cooperation and global exchange, their multilateral and bilateral cooperation in such fields as culture, economy, technology, social policies. Lectures and seminars will cover contemporary trends of growing participation of cities in international relations and modern cities as transnational actors.

Participants will also have workshops on cities’ diplomacy and international brand building as well as case studies of multi and bilateral cooperation of cities on an international level. Examples of transnational networks of cities will be analyzed as well as European programs for cities’ involvement in transnational activities will be presented by both academics and practitioners from several countries who are involved in developing and managing cities’ transnational activities. City of Lublin and its international partners will serve as case studies for the summer school participants.

Full program will be announced on June 15th, 2018.