Prof. Cho Byoung-Se lectures at Political Science Faculty, UMCS

Prof. Cho Byoung-Se (born 1949), a South Korean senior government official, economist and academic professor started series of lectures at the Political Science Faculty, UMCS.

Prof. Cho Byoung-Se  who holds degrees from National University in Seul (MA) and Hanyang University ( economics) has served as a Senior Secretary to the Prime Minister of South Korea, as a Chief of Protocol to the Prime Minister, as a Vice Minister  and as a Chairman of government oned corporation.  Dr Cho also taught at several universities: Hanyang University (South Korea), University of Pennsylvania (US), University of New South Wales (Australia), Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies (Uzbekistan), National Chengchi University (Taiwan). Since 2010 dr Cho has worked as a consultant at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 

He is currently involved in development of Korean Culture Center at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland

Prof. Cho Byoung-Se main publications include:

  • "Let's Meditate with Professor Cho" (Chinese), Yuantai-Daotang, Taipei, Taiwan, 2013
  • "Understanding of the Korean Politics", NCCU Textbook, Taebong, 2012
  • "Understanding of the Korean Economy", NCCU Textbook, Taebong, 2012
  • "The First Emperor of the Song Dynasty of China-Zhao Guangyin", Taebong, Korea, 2011
  • "Hearing the Sound of Falling Rain over the Gourd Flower on the Fence", Maewon, 2010
  • "Those People Who Love Mountains" (Korean), A Collection of Essays, Shinsin, 1999
  • "Korean Economy and Chinese Economy" (Korean), Daewoong, 1994
  • "Footprints of Youngdong District" (Korean), Regional Research, Shinsin, 1993
  • "Youngdong, This Youngdong" (Korean), Regional Research, Shinsin, 1990
  • "Taiwan-China ECFA: It's Impact on the Korean Economy" (Chinese), (2011.5, NCCU)
  • "Reunification of the Korean Peninsula in Progress: Envisioning the Process of Economic Integration" (English), (2010, Asia Economic Cooperation Foundation, Korea)
  • "North Korea: Survive or Collapse?" (English), (2007, University of Pennsylvania)
  • "North Korea's External Economy" (English), (2006, University of Pennsylvania)
  • "Impeachment of Korean President Roh" (English), (2004, University of Pennsylvania)
  • "Economic Integration of Reunified Korea" (English), (2004, University of Pennsylvania)
  • "APEC Leading to the 21st Century" (English), UNSW, Australia, 1997


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    15 June 2016

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