Our students

Anna (Poland/USA): Hey, I’m Anna! I’m a 19 year old Polish-American girl. I love travelling and going to the gym. I chose UMCS to experience diversity, different cultures and nationalities. 
Amal Yusuf (Kenya): My name is Amal Yusuf. I am 19 years old. I’m from Kenya. I study Tourism management. My hobby is singing and sports.
  Mayank (India): My name is Mayank Anand. Well… I come from a country of culture and diversity – India. I’m 19. Joining UMCS is one of my best life decisions and I am very confident about it. The journey up till now has been adventurous and amazing and just the way I wished. Joining Tourism Management was always one of my interests - it gives me the best platform to do something out of the box, especially in avoiding those boring 9-5 jobs. With UMCS, I see a secure future for myself. 
  Kimberly (Zimbabwe): My name is Kimberly Magaisah. I’m 20 years old, I love dancing, reading and playing guitar. I chose to study at UMCS because I really want to study tourism  management  and it is offered here. I love exploring and  travelling, so tourism management felt like the right fit for me and my future plans.
  Aydan  (Azerbaijan): Hello. My name is Aydan Guliyeva. I'm 22 age years old. I'm from Azerbaijan. I lived in Baku. Now I'm studying here. I want to start a business in the field of tourism. I’m interested in art and design.


 There is a Facebook group for tourism management students in Lublin - click the image below to find us.

TM Students at Christmas Meeting with authorities, tutors and polish students at Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management

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