"Jarosław Koziara – Plakaty i okładki" PHOTO REPORTAGE

Jarosław Koziara best known for happenings, landarts, installations in the city space, scenography design and promotion of the works of the excellent Lublin graphic artist Andrzej Kot, this time he has presented a less known section of his creative activity: posters and album covers.

The projects selected for the exhibition are often authentic clippings from the visual identity of a larger whole, as in the case of posters for the Dwa Brzegi Festival or album covers for the Voo Voo band with which the artist has been cooperating for years. At the exhibition author has shown projects that have been used as well as rejected projects that have been awaiting their presentation for this exhibition.

During the opening dr Jarosław Koziara was awarded the Medal of the Lublin Union. It is given to people who have been particularly distinguished for Lublin, especially for activities in the field of international promotion of the City.
The exhibition is available free of charge until 8th of February 2020
Dom Słów – Izba Drukarstwa, ul. Żmigród 1

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    13 January 2020