Exhibition "Katedra" PHOTO REPORTAGE

"Katedra" is the title of the exhibition and presentation of the attitudes of artists from the Department of Graphic Design and Flat Printing of the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. This department was created as a result of amendments to the Higher Education Act - popularly known as the Act 2.0. The new team was created from employees of the former Department of Graphic Design and Lithography and part of the Department of Graphic Design and Serigraphy. The exhibition is the first such presentation of various creative attitudes of the employees of the new Department. I think it's worth meeting the artistic reality of these few artists, their attempt to affirm their own vision of the world around them. Through the image (and often also the word) we have the opportunity to see their vision of the reality surrounding us, try to align with their reasoning and vision of the world, check if their understanding of it is close to us? does it allow us to learn something more about ourselves and our universe? Different attitudes, different means of expression, different thoughts ...

Piotr Lech

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    Renata Gogol
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    10 March 2020