Taiwan Days @UMCS, 16-17.05.2019

Far East Club at the Faculty of Political Science, UMCS invites everybody to the Taiwan Days at UMCS. Are you interested in the Asia-Pacific region and security problems there? Would you like to learn more about Chinese culture and language? Do you want to meet interesting people and spend time in an interesting way? Taiwan Days at UMCS will be a great opportunity for you. The event will take place from 16-17.05.2019. Venue: Faculty of Political Sciences UMCS, Plac Litewski 3, Lublin, rooms 115 and 217.


Day I - 16/05/2019 (room 115)

13: 00-13: 15 - The official opening of the event with the participation of the Deans
13: 15-14: 00 - "Look at Taiwan  and Polish-Taiwanese relations"; Lecture by Ms. Corrina Hu, Director of Representative Office of Taipei in Poland;(in English)
14: 00-15: 00 - Political situation and security challenges in Taiwan; Lecture by Professor Fu-Kuo Liu from National Chenghi University in Taiwan; (in English)
15: 15-16: 30 - Life in Taiwan - what to see?; Panel: dr hab. Agata Ziętek, Jyun-Yi Deng, Katarzyna Pusiewicz (in Polish)

Day II - 17/05/2019 (room 217)

14: 30-16: 00 - Chinese language lesson (in Polish and English);
16: 00-17: 30 - Problems of relations between China and Taiwan; Oxford debate (in Polish); 
17: 30-18: 30 - Presentation of photos from Taiwan and Poland and a meeting with students from Taiwan (in Polish and English); An interview with students from Taiwan about their life and studies in Poland.



    Date of addition
    15 May 2019

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