Rector's Merit Awards available to International Students

On December 21st, 2016 the UMCS Senat adopted new Regulations of UMCS Scholarships Fund. Under the new regulations Rector's Merit Awards will be available also to UMCS international students.

 The UMCS Rector's Merit Grants will be available to international students who

  1. have high grade everage 
  2. have very good research record (regional , national or international level)
  3. have record of conference particpation, scientific awards in academic  competeitions, academic publications 
  4. have artistic acomplishements on regional, national or international level (int. al. individual and group performances, exhibitions, participation in artistic events)
  5. have record of high sports perfomance on regional, national or international level,  particpate in national and international sports competitions
  6. are winners or finalsits in copetitions  or academic olimpiads on national and international level
  7.  have significants success in social, charity or organizational work
  8. are very activ in representation and/or ptomotion of UMCS

The guidlines and deadline for applications to be announced by the UMCS Rector. 


    Date of addition
    22 December 2016

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