Public Diplomacy Grant for the project led by Prof. Walenty Baluk

We are pleased to announce that prof. dr hab. Walenty Baluk of Institute of Political Science UMCS with the academic team from the Institute have obtained a Public Policy 2021 Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland for the the project entitled "The legacy of Piłsudski and Petlura. The past, present and future of the partnership between Poland and Ukraine".

The project will be carried out by the Institute of Political Sciences and Administration and the Center for Eastern Europe of UMCS in cooperation with the Institute of T. Shevchenko International Relations National Ukrainina University  in Kiev and the Department of History, Political Science and International Relations of the J. Fed'kowycz National University in Chernivtsi (Ukraine). A multi-author monograph in Polish and Ukrainian will be published as a result of the project. 

In addition, a website will be created entitled "The Lublin Triangle" - the Republic of Many Nations, devoted to Poland's cooperation with Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus.

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    Date of addition
    30 April 2021

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