Exhibition of Storyboards

Exhibition of storyboards by the 2nd year students in MEDIA PRODUCTION MA Program (specialisation Multimedia) at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism.

The works done with different techniques were created during the remote classes in the Media Production Workshop taught by Prof.dr hab. Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk, the Department of Journalism at the Institute of Social Communication and Media Sciences. Students prepared visualization in the form of storyboards, the scripts were inspired by fragments of selected poems by Julian Tuwim.

The gallery  of storyboards is available at  https://www.umcs.pl/pl/galeria-mediow,360,poetyckie-inspiracje,90076.chtm


Paulina Babicka, inspiration Julian Tuwim - „Piotr Płaksin”
Damian Bomski, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Lokomotywa”
Łukasz Ignatiuk, inspiration Julian Tuwim - „Mieszkańcy”
Maria Jamioł, inspiration Julian Tuwim - „Mieszkańcy”
Łukasz Kaniowski, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Bal w Operze”
Wiktoria Kiełbasa,inspiration Julian Tuwim - „Lokomotywa”
Jakub Kondrat, iinspirationJulian Tuwim - „Karta z dziejów ludzkości”
Karolina Krasoń,inspiration Julian Tuwim - „W aeroplanie”
Bartłomiej Lis, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Mieszkańcy”
Adrian Pietrasiuk, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Lokomotywa”
Milena Popijakowska, inspiration: Julian Tuwim – „Bal w Operze”
Mateusz Siemiński, inspiration Julian Tuwim - „Piotr Płaksin”
Paulina Siwek, inspirationJulian Tuwim - „Piotr Płaksin”
Artur Sowa, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Lokomotywa”
Valeriia Rebedatska,inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Karta z dziejów ludzkości”
Michał Winiarski, inspiracja: Julian Tuwim – „Lokomotywa”
Arkadiusz Zawadzki, inspiration: Julian Tuwim – „Bal w operze”
Viktoriia Zhdaniuk, inspiration Julian Tuwim – „Karta z dziejów ludzkości”


    Date of addition
    2 May 2020

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