Distant learning - Information from the Dean

Starting March 23rd, 2020 the number of courses at Political Science and Journalism Faculty will be taught on-line. Academic advisors and professors will be contacting the groups with information about switching to the distant learning forms and dates in courses they teach. Students should check regularly the news-board (https://www.umcs.pl/en/noticeboard,9303,1.lhtm ) and their e-mail accounts.

Please be advised that members of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at UMCS can use the following tools to enable and support online teaching:

Virtual Campus

Detailed information: kampus.umcs.pl

Virtual Campus is available via a mobile application on the phone

Teams application (Office365)

Detailed information: teams.umcs.pl

Also available via a mobile application on the phone

Information  might be also send by email and published on employee personal profiles (search engine

Students should check if each contact option is available to them (installation / login) In case of any problems contact by email the professors and/or the academic advisors.  


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    23 March 2020

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