1st year students in BA and MA programs at Political Science Faculty - classes in winter semester 2020/21

Political Science and Journalism Faculty has announced the information on the organisation of classes in Winter Semester 2020/21 for the 1 year students in BA and MA programs. All the in-class teaching will be in the new Faculty Building at Głęboka 44.

According to the  announcement of the Faculty Dean students of the first year in the MA and in the BA programs will have classes in the hahybrid (mixed) mode.  Ful schedules  to be announced soon. 

Lectures in the following programs:  International Relations (in Polish), Political Science, Public Relations and Information Management, Information Society - will be in-class

Lectures in the following programs:: National Security, Journalism and Social Communication, Media Production, International Relations (in English)will be on-line

All Classes /Seminars/Laboratories in the following programs National Security, Journalism and Social Communication, International Relations(in Polish), Political Science, Media Production, Public Relations and Information Management, Information Society, International Relations (in English) - will be in-class

In some extraordinary situations  - classes planned for  in-class mode may be moved by the Dean  to the on-line mode.


Prof. Marek Pietraś, Director of the UMCS Institute of Political Science and Administration announced that the following classes for the 1st year students in International Relations (in English) BA and MA program  will be conducted in-class

International Relations BA

State, Law and Politics , dr M. Wallner

Political and Economic Geography, dr A. Szumowski

Contemporary History of the International System, drB. Bojarczyk\

Introduction to International Relations, dr K. Mojska

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills - Conversatorium, dr A. Szumowski


International Relations, MA

International Relations Theory, dr K. Mojska

International Law and Organisations, dr J. Olchowski

World Politics since 1945,  dr B. Bojarczyk

International Relations Terminology – Conversatorium, (professor TBA)

Intercultural Communication WORKSHOP, prof. A. Ziętek



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