Visitors from South Korea

On 23 - 24 June, our guests were Dr Young-ook Jang (Head of Europe Team) and Dr Yoonjung Kim (Research Fellow, Europe Team) from South Korea representing the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP).

During the visit, the guests met with Olena Sloboda, a volunteer helping refugees from Ukraine, and Dr Anna Korzeniowska, with whom they discussed the situation of Ukrainian refugees and their impact on the economy.

Dr Paweł Pasierbiak and Dr Monika Wojtas also met with researchers from Korea. The main topic would be Europe's relations with China and Poland's and the European Union's policy towards China, particularly in connection with developing a new EU strategy towards this country.

Potential opportunities and directions for scientific cooperation were also discussed.


    Monika Wojtas
    Date of addition
    28 June 2023