Additional recruitment to the Doctoral School in the discipline of Physics

We kindly inform about the additional recruitment to the Doctoral School of Quanititative and Natural Sciences in the discipline of Physics.

First research topic:  "Spectroscopic studies of the interaction of xanthophylls and retinal in biologically significant system"
Supervisor: dr hab. Rafał Luchowski, prof. UMCS
Auxiliary supervisor: dr Monika Zubik-Duda
Second research topic: "Analysis of nonequilibrium phenomena in superconducting junctions"
Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Domański
Auxiliary supervisor: dr inż. Szczepan Głodzik
15.02.2023 - launching Candidates' registration through Online Application System (OAS);

8.03.2023 - last day of the registration through OAS and the acceptance of the Candidates' documents, Weteranow Street 18, Lublin, II floor, room 7;

13.03.2023 - interviews with the Candidates;

15.03.2023 - announcement of the results.

Declaration of a choice of the research topics to the Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences 

Formal requirments

The rules for the evaluation of the candidates


    Date of addition
    16 February 2023