Sunshine and air temperature trends in Poland

We are pleased to announce another publication by Dr Krzysztof Bartoszek published in the latest issue of Geographia Polonica:

Matuszko D., Bartoszek K., Soroka J., 2022: Relationships between sunshine duration and air temperature in Poland. Geographia Polonica, 95(3), p. 275-290 DOI: 10.7163/GPol.0236

The aim of the paper is to characterize the trends of sunshine duration (SDU) and air temperature in Poland, which may help understand the mechanism of contemporary climate change. The daily totals of SDU and daily data on air temperature from the years 1971–2020, from 25 synoptic stations in Poland are the basic source data. The series of records of the two variables showed that the points of change in the level of stabilization of the value of SDU and air temperature are close to each other, and confirm known in the literature “global dimming” and “global brightening” periods. The linear regression model confirmed that sunshine duration explains well the variability of, and increase in day-time air temperature in Poland in the warm part of the year.

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