Our people in the PTGeogr. authorities

We are pleased to announce the results of yesterday's (i.e. 1.07.2020) elections to the authorities of the Lublin Division of the Polish Geographic Society.

Four employees of our Institute were elected to the Executive Board of the Lublin Division of the Polish Geographical Society for the term 2020-2024: dr hab. Jan Rodzik, Prof. UMCS (Vice-Chairman), M.Sc. Beata Zielińska (Treasurer), dr hab. Przemysław Mroczek (Deputy Treasurer), dr Katarzyna Mięsiak-Wójcik (Member).

Moreover, the members of the audit committee were joined by dr hab. Paweł Zieliński, Prof. UMCS and the promotional and popularization activities will be led by dr Beata Hołub.


More information about the Society's elections and activities can be found on the website of the Lublin Division of the PTG.



    Date of addition
    2 July 2020