Geoarchaeological Research on the Dniester River (Ukraine)

We encourage you to read the latest article published in the prestigious journal Antiquity, which presents the results of geoarchaeological research carried out by the members of our Institute:

Połtowicz-Bobak M., Kulakovska L., Bobak D., Usik V., Kononenko O., Łanczont M., Mroczek P., Standzikowski K., Demay, L., Nadachowski A., Lemanik A., 2022. Old site, new problems: the Gravettian campsite of Doroshivtsi III, Middle Dniester River Valley, western Ukraine. Antiquity 1–10.

This paper presents the first results of interdisciplinary research at the Gravettian site at Doroshivtsi located in the Dniester River valley in western Ukrania. The research is carried out within the framework of a NCN grant Dr hab. Marta Połtwicz-Bobak, prof. of UR is a grant manager. For more information about the grant, click here.


    Date of addition
    20 May 2022