Climate changes in Poland - a summary of research (Springer)

We are pleased to announce a new co-authored publication of Dr. Krzysztof Bartoszek (Department of Hydrology and Climatology UMCS):

Matuszko, D., Węglarczyk, S., Bartoszek, K., Soroka, J., Bogdańska, B. (2021) Change of Sunshine. In: Falarz, M. (ed.) Climate change in Poland: Past, Present and Future. Springer.

The monograph consists of several chapters, the authors are over 30 climatologists from various research centers in the country. The first part of the monograph presents climate changes in Poland before instrumental measurements began in the last millennium. The next part presents long-term changes of atmospheric circulation, meteorological elements and phenomena, bioclimatic conditions and types of weather. The last part describes the forecast changes in air temperature and precipitation up to the year 2100. It is worth mentioning that more than 80% of the results presented in this monograph are the results of new studies, not yet published, which were carried out specifically for the purposes of this book.

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