World Jazz Day | UMCS Art Department | Tribute to Chick Corea

Our wonderful Jazz and Stage Music students at the Faculty of Arts of UMCS, led by Michał Iwanek, will celebrate World Jazz Day on 30th April! With the Tribute to Chick Corea concert, we begin the tradition of celebrating this important holiday. It will be our tribute to one of the greatest musicians in jazz history, who died on 9th February 2021.

Shedding new light on the work of the jazz legend Chick Corea, arrangements by Michał Iwanek, MA, will take us back to Eternity. Among other things, we will hear unforgettable, cult works of the master such as "La Fiesta" or "Spain".

 The concert will be hosted by the Department of Jazz and Popular Music, dr hab. Mariusz Bogdanowicz, prof. UMCS.


  • Katharine Petcheneva, Alicja Ruszczak, Michalina Lipińska, Laura Śliwa - singing
  • Ignacy Rudnicki - drums, instr. perk.
  • Jakub Komsta - drums, instr. perk.
  • Jan Rabiega - bass guitar
  • Michał Lewartowicz - guitar
  • Michał Orkiszewski - violin 
  • Weronika Fedor - violin
  • Katarzyna Bystrzycka - viola
  • Nina Krawczyk - cello
  • Michał Iwanek - piano, arrangement, artistic supervision
  • Anna Michałowska-Kotynia - vocal preparation

 We cordially invite all jazz fans to experience this special day together. See you later, see you soon.

 30th April 2021 at 06:00 pm

Broadcast to FB @UMCS or on Vimeo.


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    30 April 2021

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