Words of gratitude. Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik received well-deserved congratulations!

Medalist of the European Indoor Athletics Championships, which took place in Toruń at the beginning of March, received personal congratulations from the Rector of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin - prof. Dr. hab. Radosław Dobrowolski.

The meeting took place on March 29 at the UMCS Rector's Office. The coach - Zbigniew Maksymiuk and the President of AZS UMCS Lublin - Rafał Walczyk, were present with the player.

Rector Radosław Dobrowolski expressed his great satisfaction because one of the popular "Matusiński Angels" defends the colours of AZS UMCS Lublin and achieves such significant success under the banner of the University Club.

Let us remind you that Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, on March 7, together with the 4x400 meters sheet, reached for the bronze medal of the HME. Polish women appeared in the composition of: Natalia Kaczmarek, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, Kornelia Lesiewicz and Aleksandra Gaworska. The Lublin player ran in the second substitution and showed her great side. She started fourth but passed the baton on a par with the first competitor! Then Kornelia Lesiewicz started the fight, and Gaworska kept her place on the podium in the last change. The Polish women finished with a time of 3: 29.94 seconds. The Dutch won (3: 27.15) ahead of the British (3: 28.20).

Two weeks earlier, she won the bronze medal at the Polish Indoor Championships in the individual race. Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik joined the club from Lublin at the beginning of 2020.



    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    30 March 2021

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