Study without tuition fees: Intercultural Communication in Education and the Workplace

Modern society cannot exist without an intercultural education. Regular exposure to socio-cultural diversity helps to shape open, tolerant individuals with a competitive edge on the labour market. However, what is also important is the skill of communication and negotiation across cultures.

Bearing this in mind, the Faculty of Humanities at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin offers a unique opportunity to major in “Intercultural communication in education and the workplace”. These are graduate studies of 2 years, with 25 places for students to study free of charge.

This is a unique opportunity, as no other public university in Poland offers graduate studies in English devoted to the issue of intercultural communication with a focus on professional career opportunities.

The studies are of an international character not only because of their content but also owing to the target group of students, i.e. Polish and foreign students interested in graduate courses in English.

If you look for all-round knowledge, want to develop linguistic skills and you are into multiculturalism, these studies are for you. If you wish to work in an international environment and strive for international competence and skills, these studies are for you.

The new studies offered by UMCS promote competence that facilitates functioning in a pluralistic, open society. They offer in-depth knowledge in the fields of cultural anthropology, ethnic minorities, and non-verbal communication. They will help you master the English language and learn another foreign language. Such assets are not only important in everyday life but exceptionally valuable and sought-after on the international labour market.

During the course of the curriculum, you will become familiar with how culture plays in with the demands of modern societies and the job market. Classes in cultural anthropology and intercultural competence, as well as workshops in intercultural communication and education will allow you to possess knowledge on the world’s diversity, multiculturalism, as well as to gain competence and develop skills in the field of multiculturalism. You will also find out more about multiculturalism in cinematography, learn about linguistic diversity in Europe and become familiar with the psychological aspects of intercultural encounters.

The classes are run by professional, experienced, and friendly academic staff, researchers in culture, anthropology, and language specializing in cultural studies in the Institute of Cultural Studies, English Institute, and the Institute of German Philology and Applied Linguistics at UMCS.

As a graduate, you will be competent to begin work in international companies hiring English-speaking staff and dealing with foreign clients, in cultural and educational institutions promoting multiculturalism, in the media or career offices.

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    Ewa Zdunek
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    22 May 2018

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