Prof. Jaroslaw Kostrubiec on the legal challenges of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day is celebrated on July 16 each year. The holiday was established in May 2021 to highlight the positive contribution of artificial intelligence to human development. This special day is also intended to show the ethical dimensions of the functioning of new technologies and the possibilities for the development of modern societies.

In the video prepared on the occasion of Artificial Intelligence Day, associate professor Jarosław Kostrubiec, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, attorney at law, expert of The Polish Accreditation Committee in the discipline of legal sciences and expert of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education discusses issues related to the legal challenges of new technologies.

Prof. Jarosław Kostrubiec explains how artificial intelligence affects human rights and our privacy. The legal science specialist also answers questions about the legal responsibility of new technologies and points out on regulations, that organize the aspect of artificial intelligence in many legal systems.

The footage was realized by the University Office for Promotion and Popularization of Science UMCS.


    Date of addition
    15 July 2022