New safety rules in relation to the coronavirus

The Polish Government is introducing new safety rules in relation to the coronavirus.

This notice has been based on the information provided by the Polish Government at, accessed on 24.03.2020 at 20:30.

In recent days safety rules have been introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Poland has decided to limit mass events and the activity of shopping malls, suspend classes in schools and close borders. The development of the epidemic in Poland and Europe requires the introduction of further safety precautions and restrictions.

New restrictions on the movement

Up to and including 11 April, it will not be allowed to move freely in public. The only exception is moving for absolutely necessary living, health and professional purposes, i.e. in pursuit of essential matters of everyday life.

Important! You will only be able to move in a group of up to two people.

Buses full at half capacity

Public transport continues to operate. However, on a bus, tram or subway only half the seats can be occupied. If there are 70 seats on the vehicle, there can be a maximum of 35 people on board.

The authorities want citizens to have access to transport. However, they want to  make sure that the buses are not overcrowded.

Total ban on gatherings

The new rules also prohibit all gatherings, meetings, events, or get-togethers. 

Safety rules for religious ceremonies

Restrictions on movement apply a little bit differently to people who wish to participate in religious events: no more than 5 people will be allowed to attend a mass or other religious ritual at the same time - excluding those in the service.

However, you can participate in religious events via television, radio, or the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until when will additional restrictions apply?

Until Saturday 11 April 2020.

Why are additional restrictions introduced?

More and more people in Poland are infected with coronavirus. However, we still have a better situation than other countries in Europe and worldwide. The authorities want it to remain so. The decision made by the Polish government to introduce additional restrictions is to combat the coronavirus in Poland as soon as possible. It is believed that introducing restrictions at an early stage will allow us to avoid situations from Italy or Spain.

Will food shops and pharmacies be open?

Yes. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and drugstores will remain open.

Will restaurants still be able to serve take-out meals?

Yes, they will still be able to provide this type of service.

What does "essential matters of everyday life" mean?

It means, for example, the need to see a doctor, do essential shopping, buy medicine.


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