Młode Djembe drum band: 10th anniversary concert

Come enjoy an exciting anniversary concert by Młode Djembe drum band on Saturday 13th May at 8 pm in the small concert hall of "Chatka Żaka", the academic cultural centre of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

Młode Djembe are a drumming collective, sharing a common passion for music, rhythm and drums. The band was formed in April 2007, after its members had met at a drum workshop run by Agnieszka Kłoczewska (a musician and a drummer).

The band performs a blend of African, Asian and Cuban rhythms employing a variety of drums (djembe, darbuka, congas, bongos) and percussion instruments (maracas, guiro, cabasa, cymbals, cowbell, vibraslap and African whistle). Music is often accompanied by African tribal chants.

A djembe, an African drum, is the band’s leading instrument and was also chosen as the group’s name. Drawing inspiration from percussion and drumming music as diverse as African, Asian, Cuban and Brazilian, the collective also employs a variety of other styles, from rock and jazz to reggae and folk. The band will be celebrating their anniversary with a special show featuring exhilarating rhythms of Africa, Asia and Cuba.

At their anniversary show, the group will be joined by several guests throughout the evening: Nolwazi Mhodi (dance, Zimbabwe), Piotr Klimecki (bass guitar), Drath-Kowalczyk & Co. Ex-members of the ensemble were invited to perform with Rytm Serca band. Młode Djembe will receive a special anniversary award at the concert, in recognition of their contribution to music.

Entry is free of charge.


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    5 October 2017

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