Kazakhstan - Cultural Meetings with #UMCS

Last Wednesday, the UMCS Admissions Office launched a new series of cultural meetings in cooperation with the UMCS Welcome Center, Pedagogical Woivodship Library in Lublin and Mini Mission Foundation!

We travelled to Kazakhstan with Ayana – a first-year Bachelor's programme in Biology, spec. Medical Biology student. The participants took part in discussions, workshops, Kahoot game, icebreaking activities and tasted „Bursak”. Ayana shared the recipe with you – you can find it below (2nd page). The corresponding event about Kazakhstan will be held in the Library after the Easter break!

Please remember that is also a challenge! If you want to prepare a future meeting like that (also we do plan a meeting about Poland), please contact Monika from UMCS Admissions Office (it’s open for students, PhD students, and UMCS staff too).

The next meeting within the UMCS walls will take place after the Easter break and will be about….. Ukraine! Stay tuned!

Photos: Radosław Jarecki, Fundacja Mała Misja


    Date of addition
    5 April 2023