Free psychological consultation and psychotherapeutic meetings

The UMCS Disability Support Team cordially invites you to a free psychological consultation in the following languages: Ukrainian, English and Polish, as well as psychotherapeutic meetings in Ukrainian.

  • Psychological consultations in Ukrainian English and Polish are conducted by Ewa Diadush, you can make an appointment on phone number: 782 095 503.
  • Group and individual psychotherapy is conducted by Mr. Marian Diadush. Consultations can be arranged on phone number: 695 873 930.

Consultations take place in DS. "Babylon", ul. Radziszewskiego 17, room 116, I floor.

Consultations can also be arranged by the UMCS Disability Support Team tel. 81 537 58 90 mail:


    Date of addition
    28 January 2019

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