Fighting the coronavirus - current rules UPDATE

Polish Government is fighting the coronavirus. Important! All below-mentioned restrictions came into force on March, 27, 2021 and are applied until April, 18, 2021.
In order for us all to stop the spread of the epidemic, we must follow current instructions. Read and apply them.

The Polish government restrictions have been modified as follows (as of April, 7, 2021):

  • From March, 27, 2021 beauticians, hairdressing salons, tattoo and piercing salons are closed until further notice;

  • From March, 27, 2021 furniture and construction stores with the area of more than 2,000  m2are closed;

  • Limits of people in places of worship – 1 person per 20 m2;

  • Limits of people in open shops and supermarkets:
    -1 person per 15 m2 in shops with the area of less than 100 m2
    1 person per 20 m2 in shops with the area of more than 100 m2

  • From March, 20, 2021 theatres, cinemas, museums, art galleries, community centres, music centres have been closed until further notice;

  • From March, 20, 2021 accommodation in hotels has been possible only for people who are on business trips;

  • Restrictions concerning shopping centres: only service points, shops with food products, cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning supplies, medical and pharmaceutical products, renovation and construction products, articles for animals, newspapers remain open;

  • Restrictions concerning restaurants: all restaurants, cafés or bars may only provide takeaway services;

  • Gyms, swimming pools, fitness and dance clubs are closed until further notice;

  • There is still an obligation to wear masks in the whole country in shops, churches, public transport, offices, public institutions, post offices, public areas etc.

NOTE: Wherever you go, please keep social distance and check if any special sanitary rules are required.


    Iwona Beksiak
    Date of addition
    9 April 2021

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