"Coronavirus infections around the birds" - an online lecture

Problems related to infections caused by various types of viruses have attracted the scientific community's attention for many years. In 1931, the world's first coronavirus was described - infectious bronchitis virus-IBV. A separate family of coronaviruses was officially established in 1968 and included, in addition to IBV, two human coronaviruses and the mouse hepatitis virus. It quickly became apparent that IBVs are not homogeneous and come in many varieties. Moreover, similar viruses have been identified in other poultry species, and in recent years it has been found that coronaviruses occur asymptomatically in wild birds.

Certain coronaviruses can be transmitted from wild birds to poultry and vice versa. Occasionally, transmission from wild birds to mammals is also possible. For this reason, having the broadest possible knowledge of the occurrence, diversity and role of coronaviruses in the bird population is extremely important for our ability to respond to the probable future appearance in other animal species, but most of all, as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has shown, in the population people.

This topic will help us explore dr hab. Katarzyna Domańska-Blicharz, prof. Institute, an employee of the Department of Poultry Diseases and the National Veterinary Institute during an open lecture on "Coronavirus infections in birds."

The event will take place on 6th May 2021 at 07.00 pm remotely via the MS Teams application, link to the event.

The lecture organisers are the Student Scientific Association of Biotechnologists "Mikron" operating at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of MCSU, Polish Mycological Society - Mushroom Biotechnology Section.

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