Certificates for MCSU Running Team

“UMCS Biega” (“MCSU Running Team”) group is expanding in front of our eyes. Every race brings increasingly better results! The project has hit the bull’s eye. Last Friday (Oct., 4th ), during the basketball match opening the new season of university team Pszczółki Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin, the members of the group received certificates in recognition of their running accomplishments.

In 2019 the runners from “UMCS biega” have taken part in 142 races covering nearly 3000 km (for the sake of comparison, that’s the distance from Lublin to Madrid). In addition to various races in Poland, the members of the group have run in Italy, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Ukraine and Brazil. They have received prizes in the open category 38 times. This year’s start in a nationwide charity relay Lublin Business Run turned out big success and the team finished seventh among 118 competing teams. In addition to participating in races, the members of the group co-organize various sports events, such as the Rector’s Cup Race, the Run for Little Runners on Children’s Day or the Relay Run on the Inauguration of the Academic Year.

“UMCS Biega” warmly invites new members; whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced runner, feel encouraged to join us. Thanks to AZS UMCS (Academic Sports Association MCSU) the group members have an opportunity to take part in weekly workout sessions supervised by athletics coach PhD Maciej Tarnowski.

For the terms and conditions of membership as well as information about how to join the group go to MCSU website and facebook. We can’t wait to see you!


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    11 October 2019

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