Call for Applications within the Own Scholarship Fund of UMCS

We are pleased to announce a call for scholarship applications for the best students within the Own Scholarship Fund of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Scholarships will be awarded in the academic year 2019/2020, may be paid once or in two installments e.g.

- by the end of December 2019 in the winter semester,
- by the end of June 2020 in the summer semester.

Grants for the best students will be awarded to:

1) first-year students of undergraduate studies and long-cycle studies who obtained very good results from the Matura (secondary-school leaving certificate),;

2) students who became the laureates or finalists of the international science olympics or the subject olympics on a national scale, named in the provisions on the education system, or the laureates of the nationwide competition, including organized by the UMCS;

3) Students of the remaining years of first and second degree studies, as well as long-cycle studies, who in the year preceding the academic year in which the admission for scholarship applications are announced, met all the following conditions:

  • achieved very good academic results, including an average grade not lower than 4.4;
  • obtained individual scientific achievements, including commencing or implementing a research project related to the field of study conducted at UMCS;
  • took part in research on the priority UMCS area of study, which is the basis of their bachelor's / engineering or master's thesis, which will contribute / contributed to the increase of UMCS's research achievements or UMCS's scientific cooperation with the socio-economic environment and business.

Who is eligible to apply?

Polish students, international students studying on the same conditions as Polish citizens, as well as international students studying on a fee-paying basis may apply.

Submission period:

Application documents should be submitted from 17th to 24th October 2019.

Where to submit applications?

Applications should be filed at the Office for Student Affairs of the Centre for Education and Studies Management, residing at “Helios” dormitory, ul. Czwartaków 13, ground floor, TV room,  Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00.


    Date of addition
    16 October 2019