Breaking News! "Trójka" - The Iconic Student Cafeteria is Open Once Again!

Respect the past, embrace the future - after a 13 years long hiatus an iconic student cafeteria is now open.

If you ever wondered where can you go for a lunch, dinner or to simply eat a hot meal in-between the classes then newly open cafeteria - "Trójka" is the right place for you.

Student Cafeteria "Trójka" offers a wide variety of meals. From soups and creams through old-school Polish porkchop with mashed potatoes or classic and tasty dumplings to Italian Lasagne, Spaghetti and Mexican Tortilla - everyone can find a treat for themselves in this special place.

The Cafeteria is located in the heart of the UMCS campus - st. Langiewicza 16 (next to Femina Dormitory).

Be sure to visit "Trójka" and try their delicious dishes!


    Date of addition
    7 November 2019

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