Recruitment to Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences

Additional recruitment for the topics related to the implementation of research projects:

  • biological sciences: "Investigation of molecular mechanisms associated with biological activity of polyene antibiotics" supervisor: prof. dr hab. Wiesław I. Gruszecki (email:;
  • physical sciences: "Theoretical investigation of the low and middle energy nuclear fission in the self-consistent model" supervisor: dr hab. Michał Warda, prof. UMCS (email:;

28.09.2020 - launching Candidates' registration through Online Admission System (IRK);

15.10.2020 - last day of the registration through Online Admission System (IRK) and completion of accepting documents from the Candidates, Weteranow Street 18, Lublin, II floor, room 7;

20.10.2020 - interviews with Candidates;

21.10.2020 - announcement of the results.




    Date of addition
    24 September 2020

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