11th International Research Symposium in Service Management “The Role of Service in the Sustainability and Wellbeing of Society“

The International Research Symposium in Service Management was initiated in 2010 as part of the Service Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) Initiative. It is an annual Symposium, hosted successively by different universities around the world. The Symposium’s aim is to promote research and publications among service researchers by providing a unique platform through which they are able to network with researchers from both their own country and researchers internationally.

The IRSSM symposium and its activities are generously supported by various research centers and universities from around the world, such as: Center for Service Research, Karlstad University, Sweden; University of Queensland, Australia; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Radboud University, The Netherlands; Cornell University, USA; and St John’s University, USA. Each Symposium hosts between 80 and 120 participants from 25-26 countries.

We aim to ensure:

  1. Papers presented at the IRSSM Symposium are further developed based on internal reviews to prepare them for publication in academic journals.
  2. A focus on creating working relations between service researchers and established service researchers.
  3. The Symposium fosters academic debate and the establishment of research collaborations across regions and countries.

Participants have the option of having their extended abstracts and accepted full papers published in the refereed conference proceedings. In addition, selected papers from the Symposium will receive developmental reviews from the scientific committee for submission to journals such as: the Journal of Service Management (JOSM), Journal of Service Theory and Practice (JSTP), International Journal of Services, Economics and Management (IJSEM), and European Business Review (EBR).

For more information visit https://irssm11.ue.katowice.pl/ 


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    10 February 2020

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