Meeting with representatives of KSC Polski Cukier S.A.

On 7th April 2021, at the ECOTECH-COMPLEX, there was a meeting between UMCS rector authorities and "Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A.", which concerned possible cooperation in biomethane and hydrogen technologies development. The stationary part of the event was attended by: * Radosław Dobrowolski - Rector of UMCS, * prof. Zbigniew Pastuszak - UMCS Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy, * prof. Dorota Kołodyńska - UMCS Vice-Rector for Students and Education Quality, * prof. Wiesław I. Gruszecki - UMCS Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation, * prof. Ryszard Naskręcki - Director of the ECOTECH-COMPLEX Center * Andrzej Łopacki - President of the Management Board of FC "Pszczółka", * Grzegorz Wróbel - Member of the Management Board of FC "Pszczółka"

During the first part of the Wednesday meeting, a presentation of the scientific and research potential of the ECOTECH-COMPLEX Center, led by Dr Eng. Andrzej Stępniewski - managing director, project manager "ECOTECH-COMPLEX Man, Environment, Production".

In the next part of the event - a panel held on the Microsoft Teams platform; attention was drawn to the huge potential that Poland has in biogas production, especially in the waste sector and the agri-food industry. The discussion referred to the recently published documents: "National Plan for Reconstruction and Increasing Resilience" and "Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040". Hydrogen technologies are becoming a priority for achieving the European Green Deal. The creation of the Polish branch of the hydrogen economy will require intensive R & D & I activities, which will contribute to the emergence of native technologies. The results obtained by the KSC S.A. team are discussed. As part of the NCBR BIOSTRATEG II project, in an innovative installation producing hydrogen and methane from waste and by-products of the sugar industry.

The topic of cooperation was also discussed with the participation of ECOTECH-COMPLEX and Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A., the aim of which will be to combine research activities towards the production of biohydrogen. It was agreed that a joint working team would be established for further work.

The article has been originally added to the Polish version of the website by Ms Magdalena Drwal from the UMCS Press Centre. The article has been translated into English by Mrs Monika Kusiej from the UMCS Promotion Centre.


    Monika Kusiej
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    9 April 2021

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