IT cyber security (MA)


Name of the program

IT cyber security


Faculty of Political Science Maria Curie-Sklodowska University 
pl. Litewski 3 
20-080 Lublin 
tel. +48 81 537 60 20

Degree awarded

Master of Arts (MA)

Mode of study

Full time

Duration of the program

2 years/4 semesters

Language of instruction


ECTS points


Program description

IT Cyber Security is a program for those who wish to combine knowledge of computer science with knowledge of political science and administration.

The knowledge related to political science and administration includes:

1) the place of cybersecurity in the contemporary understanding of security; 2) the complexity of security threats in cyberspace; 3) diversity of areas of activities to ensure security in cyberspace, taking into account political science, but also legal, economic and sociological approaches.

Knowledge related to computer science includes:

1) The principles of operation of the operating system, its tasks and weaknesses; 2) basic programming structures and rules of designing programming scripts; 3) functioning of web applications and knowledge about the basic weaknesses of web applications; 4) principles of operation of computer networks and, weaknesses of protocols and mechanisms operating in all layers of the OSI model; 5) principles and best practices for safe web application programming; 6) principles of operation of cryptographic modules and the manner of their application in IT Systems; 7) the process of performing penetration tests and ability to describe each stage; 8) standards for information security management.

Computer science skills include:

1) efficient performance of tasks in the Linux operating system; 2) designing a simple algorithm and creating its implementation using Python; 3) conducting security tests for Web applications based on the OWASP standard; 4) analyzing the weaknesses of the computer network and applying a security mechanism to protect against potential attacks; 5) finding security bugs in web applications and applying corrections to eliminate them; 6) performance of the required analysis regarding the application of cryptographic methods and the use of appropriate cryptographic modules; 7) performing all stages of penetration testing; 8) creating process documentation of the IT system and conducting a risk analysis of such a system.

Tuition fee

1st year – 3400 euro

  • Early bird discount – 3250 euro (Proceed to pay for the 1st year before the 30th of June 2021)

2nd year – 3200 euro

Application period

1 April - September 2021

Deadline for application

September 2021

Academic year begins

1 October 2021

Entry requirements

The program is addressed to candidates holding a Bachelor degree or any other equivalent degree which grants a direct access to Master degree programme in the country where the document was issued.

Prospective students must register online in the UMCS Recruitment System and file all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the spots available have been filled.

Candidates must show that they meet the requirements for the knowledge of the English language at a minimum level of B2. If the candidate does not have a document confirming language proficiency at a certain level, an interview will be conducted to verify the knowledge of the English language.

Registration fee

Attention! It is mandatory to pay the registration fee.

English language requirements

In order to be eligible for a programme taught in English, candidates must demonstrate that they meet English requirements for a given programme. 

1. Submit one of the document listed here: English language requirements
2. Submit a certificate of participation in secondary education conducted in English;
3. In the case of non-fulfilment of abovementioned requirements (1 or 2) an online interview confirming the level of proficiency and fluency in English shall be conducted Send an email to: to register for the interview.


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