Conference "Construction and Deconstruction of Statetehood in International Relations“


Conference " “CONSTRUCTION AND DECONSTRUCTION OF STATEHOOD IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS” was organized by International Relations Dept. (UMCS Political Science Faculty), Polish Academy of Sciences (Lublin Branch) and Polish International Relation Society in Lublin, November 28-29, 2016. Panel discussions: A. Criteria for statehood in the twenty-first century. B. State and statehood in theories of international relations. C. Statehood in the late Westphalian international system. D. The regional dimension of statehood. E. Projections of statehood: “The world in 2050”. Conference Organizing Committee: prof. zw. dr hab. Marek Pietraś, dr. Grzegorz Gil, dr. Konrad Pawłowski.