Fees for Student ID Card & Grade Book

Payments for grade books and student ID cards amount to PLN 21 (PLN 17 for the ID card) and are paid onto candidate’s individual account given in the IRK system.

Before making the abovementioned payments, a candidate needs to order the ID card and the grade book by clicking “Catalogue” button in the IRK system and then “Orders” on the left-hand side.

Persons already having their ID cards, e.g. graduates of bachelor programmes who continue their education on master programmes, 0-year graduates from The Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners, order only a grade book (PLN 4). Expiry date of their ID cards is extended. Despite this, a candidate may also order a new ID card, e.g. due to changing his/her name or address of residence. In such situations the holder of the old ID card should contact the right dean’s office.

Individuals who change their programmes as well as persons who come back to study after graduating from or discontinuing their study should contact dean’s office of the first programme in order to invalidate their ID cards. Otherwise, the orders for new ID cards placed in the system will be rejected.

In case of admission proceedings based only on submitted documents, the ID card and grade book payments should be made together with the admission fee. Placing orders for ID cards and grade books, as well as making payments are obligatory prior to submitting documents and are verified at the moment of submitting documents in Admission Committees.

Regulations on Student ID

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