Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

ul. Akademicka 19
20-033 Lublin
tel. 81 537 52 16

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology was established on October 1, 2011; its new structure comprises the Institute of Biology and Biochemistry, the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, the Computer Laboratory, the Electronic Microscopy Laboratory, the Zoological Museum/Laboratory, and the Biological Sciences Library.

The Faculty conducts interdisciplinary research: both fundamental research meant to develop knowledge, and applied research related to biotechnology, environmental protection, and alternative energy sources or nanostructures. These problems are significant for the development of the Lublin region, the country and the European Union. Our research workers are highly qualified specialists, recognized both at home and abroad. The Faculty has research laboratories with advanced equipment and unique apparatus purchased inter alia from EU funds under the projects: Operational Programme “Development of Eastern Poland”, Regional Operational Programme for Lublin Province, Operational Programme “Innovative Economy”, and Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”. Another programme - “Development of Eastern Poland” began in 2013.

Our academics conduct research projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Center for Research and Development, National Science Center, networks of science projects (ENBIONET, the UNESCO/PAN Polish Network of Molecular and Cellular Biology) and projects as part of scientific-industrial consortia (NanoBioGeo). International projects are also underway: the Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award, Polish-Swiss Research Programme, POLONIUM – the bilateral programme of Polish-French cooperation, and a project under the scientific cooperation programme between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Faculty’s research work results in publications in prestigious, world-renowned journals, in patents and patent applications at home and abroad, and in awards and distinctions. In 2011, studies on a malaria vaccine were honored in the “National Geographic” Plebiscite Travelery 2011 – ‘Scientific Discovery of the Year’ and by the prestigious “Maria Curie” Award. In 2013 the Faculty’s research team received the “Maria Curie” Award for developing the industrial technology of mutanase production: a unique enzyme effective against dental caries. The same research team was decorated with Prime Minister’s Honorary Distinction “Badge of Merit for Invention” for their activeness in patenting research results.

The Faculty’s offer of cooperation with economic entities (businesses, institutions, local governments) includes biological monitoring of selected groups of animals and plants as indicator organisms for assessing the condition of the natural environment; biological monitoring of selected animal groups (chiefly insects) as vectors of plant, animal and human diseases and useful species; natural science evaluation and assessment of the biological diversity of protected areas; expert analyses of biological methods applied in crime detection; organization of scientific internships, courses or consultations for employees of different institutions; readily available access to floral and faunal collections as well as research equipment; training courses on human and animal cell cultures; investigation of the anti-viral activity of various natural and synthetic substances; bacteriological monitoring of rooms and products, species identification of microbes using molecular methods; determination of bactericidal and bacteriostatic activities of natural and synthetic preparations; making of genetic constructs to study gene function and expression.

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology is the only one in Poland to offer biotechnology, biochemistry and microbiology students the opportunity to participate in scientific internships at the University of Idaho, USA, and then continue doctoral studies there. The research internships are conducted under the official agreement on research and teaching The Young Visiting Scholars Internship Program at UI for UMCS Students.

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