Exhibition "Polish mother" PHOTO REPORTAGE

On 16th of October 2020 at 17:00 the vernissage of the exhibition of Anna Chmielnik’s paintings took place in our Gallery on Zana 11.

“The attempt to deal with the classic iconographic motif of motherhood is an important artistic experience for me - the artist and mother. This theme, exploited in art for centuries, has now been pushed aside. In social perception, the myth of a woman-mother gives way to a woman-employee, woman-boss, woman-in-media, woman-toy. Today, the value of a person is largely defined by achievements in the labor market and presence in the media. I am not trying to argue with this approach. However, I would like to focus on one of the most important social roles of a woman. I am interested in motherhood in the context of transience and the spectrum of emotions related to it, a portrait of a woman in key moments of her life.”

Anna Chmielnik

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    Renata Gogol
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    22 October 2020