Doctoral thesis and procedure

Students  attend , work on their doctoral research and prepare doctoral thesis  during 4 years  (8 semesters) of the program with assistance and under supervision of academic advisor.  

In  the 4th Year of the program (no later than semester 7) doctoral procedure should be initiated by the student and the doctoral committee established – this will require that:

  • Ph.D. dissertation is sufficiently advanced;
  • students has fulfilled the formal requirements of having published or submitted for publication at least one scholarly work (usually an article in a peer-reviewed journal with   country-wide circulation or an article in the reviewed proceedings of  national or  international conference)

When the Ph.D. dissertation is completed, it will be reviewed by two external reviewers.  Doctoral candidates are required to take three doctoral exams:

  • in the area of candidate’s research
  • in an additional subject of candidate’s choice;
  • in a foreign language (including English), other than candidate’s first language.


Once the reviews of the dissertation arrive, a date will be set for a public defense of the dissertation. 


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