Diploma Project Examination 2020

Schedule of the Diploma Project examination in 2020 on Graphic Arts Programme
1.July Schedule:
- until 15 July 2020  – submitting the required documentation in APD and to the Dean’s Office
- 27 – 31 July 2020 r. – Diploma Project Examination
2. September Schedule:
- until 2 September 2020 – submitting the required documentation in APD and to the Dean’s Office
- 14 – 18 September 2020  – Diploma Project Examination

Changes in the Diploma Project Examination in 2020 resulting from counteracting Covid-19: 
1. The Diploma Project examination in 2020 until 30 September 2020  are conducted in ordinance with  The Ordinance of the Rector no. 33/2020 
2. The Diploma Project examination on postgraduated Graphic Arts Programme is performed by means of online video conferencing by Teams application, within the framework of a University license Microsoft Office 365.
The Diploma Project examination is performed online after the Diploma Committee has reviewed the applicable documentation of the diploma, the reviews of the supervisor and the reviewer, as well as with the originals of the works in the form of their display/ exhibition prepared by the student for at least one day (from 9 a.m.) before the date of defence at the place reported to the Dean’s Office at the time of submitting the diploma project documentation.
2.1. In the case of diploma project created in a digital environment or works in the field of graphic design, or if, for important reasons, it is not possible to present the original works – then it is not necessary to familiarize the Diploma Committee with the display / exhibition of the works.
2.2. If the original Works are displayed/ exhibited to the Diploma Committee, it shall be done in compliance with the applicable health and safety requirements, i.e. in particular by keeping a distance, with the provision of disinfectants.
There is no public defence of an artistic diploma project.









The Theses and Dissertations Archive (APD) is the University Students Register (the USOS system) application that facilitates the process of preparing and submitting a thesis or dissertation for defence. 
The APD application can be accessed at the following address: https://apd.umcs.pl/documents/welcome/

For detailed instructions how to use APD please click below:
Thesis evaluation and assessment using the APD – instruction for students
Thesis evaluation and assessment using the APD  – instruction for reviewers
The Step-by-Step Process of Thesis Submission And Archiving Using the APD

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