Detailed rules of the evaluation of the candidate

Detailed rules for the evaluation of candidates for the Doctoral School of Social Sciences in the academic year 2023/24

1. The recruitment procedure is a competitive process, and it consists of two stages.

2. The first stage includes the evaluation of:

1)  an outline of the research project prepared by the candidate for the school with the scientific discipline in which they intend to prepare a doctoral dissertation -up to 30 points, which involves awarding points for:

a) originality / scientific value of the project: 0 -20 points,

b) methodological correctness of the project: 0 -10 points,

c)  the feasibility  of  the project  during  the education period at  the  doctor's school:  0 -5 points;

2)  documentation confirming the candidate's previous scientific achievements -up to  5 points.

3. The second stage includes an interview during which the candidate can receive a maximum of 60 points for:

1) substantive justification of the topic selection: 0 -25 points;

2) orientation in the issues related to the outline of the research project: 0 -20 points;

3) knowledge of the methodology: 0 -15 points.

4. In total, the candidate can obtain 100 points.

5. Candidates receiving at least 30 points from the first stage will be admitted to the interview.

6.  Out of the candidates who obtained at least  35 points from the interview, a  ranking list is created.  The total number of points scored determines the place of the candidate on the ranking list.