Costs of living

Example prices in Lublin (1 EUR = 4.3 PLN)


 Shared room in a flat

from 200 PLN 

 Shared room in a dorm

300-445 PLN 

 Single room in a flat

from 500 PLN 

 Single room in a dorm



from 1000 PLN 


 a loaf of bread:                

2-3 PLN 

 a 1.5l bottle of mineral water:

2-3 PLN 

 a litre of milk:   

2.50 PLN 

 a 0.5l Coke:

2.50 PLN 

 a cup of coffee:

5-15 PLN 

 a pack of cigarettes:      

13-18 PLN 


 TAXI depends if it is day or night

initial charge – about 6 PLN 

+ about 2 – 3 PLN/km 

 Public transport tickets (MPK)


 One-way ticket

4.0/2.0 PLN 

 30-min ticket (one may change bus during the period)

3.2/1.6  PLN 

 30-day ticket for all lines

92.0/46.0 PLN 

 90-day ticket for all lines

240.0/120.0 PLN 


 Cinema ticket

16.0-27.0 PLN 

 Theatre ticket (regular)

20.0-52.0 PLN 

 Theatre ticket (student)

8.0-37.0 PLN 

 Club admission

10.0-20.0 PLN 


 3 course meal in middle class restaurant

about 60 PLN 

 dish of the day                

about 20 PLN 

 dish in university bar

12-15 PLN 

 beer 0,5 l

5-8 PLN 

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