20-24 June 2016


I. The Honorary Patronage and Dedication:

We are very happy and honored to announce that the conference will be held under the Honorary Patronage of The European Parliament and its President Mr. Martin Schulz.

The conference will be dedicated to East European Monographs, the co-publisher of volumes I-XXII of the series Conrad: Eastern and Western Perspectives, and Columbia University Press, the distributor of all the volumes of this series published so far (I-XXIV).

II. The Study Tour (24-29 June 2016)

24th June (Friday):

  • around 1.30 p.m.: we depart by coach from Lublin
  • evening: accommodation in hotel in Lviv

25th June (Saturday)

9 a.m.-11.30 a.m.: session at Ivan Franko University in Lviv: four lectures plus discussion

  • after the session: a “pilgrimage” of Joseph Conrad’s footprints in Lwów/Lviv
  • afternoon and evening: free time in Lviv

The whole event in Lviv is organized by Ivan Franko University in Lviv and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

26th June (Sunday):

  • morning: free time in Lviv
  • around 1 - 1.30 p.m.: we depart from our hotel for our coach drive Lviv-Zhitomir

The distance is about 370km, so the journey will take some 6-7 hours, please take some food because we will not make a dinner stop on our way.

  • evening: accomodation in hotel in Zhitomir

27th June (Monday):

  • 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.: session at Ivan Franko University in Zhitomir
  • lunch
  • a guided tour of Joseph Conrad’s footprints and some other places in Zhitomir
  • evening: free time

28th June (Tuesday):

  • after breakfast: a tour of Conrad’s footprints in Berdychiv and a visit to Conrad museum in Terechova
  • after lunch: a coach drive to Lviv
  • evening: accommodation in hotel in Lviv and free time

The whole event in Zhitomir, Berdychiv and Terechova is organized by Ivan Franko University in Zhitomir, Polish Consulate in Vinnitsa, and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

29 th June (Wednesday):

  • after breakfast: we depart by coach for Lublin where we plan to arrive early in the afternoon

All study tour participants are requested to pay individually for their accommodation in hotels and their meals. A tour fee will be fixed to cover the cost of transportation by coach on the entire tour. The tour fee must be paid to the organizers (in Polish cash) before the start of the tour. All expenses of participation in the study tour will have to be met by its participants individually.

We request every study tour participant to get an Ukrainian visa, if necessary, and to have your passport updated and correct. During our former study tour in Ukraine in 2006 two members of our group did not have their birth dates in their passports, and the whole group was held for 5 hours on the Ukrainian side of the border until this matter was clarified. We would like to avoid such unpleasant surprises now. In cases like this, the organizing committee cannot help, of course. Please also buy your personal insurance as you consider appropriate.

To make the organizers’ work easier, our whole group will stay in one good hotel in Lviv and one good hotel in Zhitomir (most probably Reikartz hotels, 3 and 4 stars). We will book rooms in these hotels for our whole group (we hope to get some discount prices from them). Upon arrival in hotel everybody is requested to pay for his/her room. Each participant is also requested to order his/her meals and pay for them individually. If anyone chooses to make alternative hotel arrangements the organizing committee will neither be making them nor taking responsibility for them.

During all the organized events we must be one group: if anyone leaves our group the organizers do not take responsibility for him/her joining it back.

Ms. Dominika Spadło is my assistant responsible for organization of the tour: she will be making room arrangements as well as other kinds of arrangements and answering your letters on the tour.

Please bear in mind that Ukraine is not a rich country and it is at war now. Yet Ukrainians are brave, kind-hearted and hospitable people. The Polish organizing committee are grateful to our Ukrainian colleagues for organizing the Ukrainian part of the conference with us.

III. Communication and next circulars:

Circular V will be sent in April/May. It will provide mainly a detailed program of the conference in Lublin and of the study tour and sessions in Ukraine.

Prof. dr hab. Wieslaw Krajka
The chairman of the organizing committee

Lublin, February 2016

IV. Registration Form

Please copy this form. Delete what does not apply to you and fill what does apply to you, sign, and send to the conference address ( as an e-mail attachment in Word.doc by March 20th at the latest. There must be one registration form filled for each person; if your spouse or friend accompanies you, please fill a separate form for him/her.

1. Personal information:

  • Name and surname:
  • Professional position/University affiliation/town and country:
  • University/professional postal address:
  • Electronic address:
  • Address for correspondence (if different from above):
  • Title of paper/without a paper

2. The conference at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

  • Accomodation in Lublin:
    a/ Hotel Mercure Unia
    b/ Hotel Logos
    c/ Another hotel
  • Arrival:
    a/ date
    b/ by plane to Lublin
    c/ by train from Warsaw
    d/ by bus from Warsaw
    e/ otherwise
  • Departure:
    a/ date
    b/ by plane from Lublin
    c/ by train to Warsaw
    d/ by bus to Warsaw
    e/ otherwise

I plan to participate in the sessions on:
June 20th (Monday), June 21st (Tuesday), June 22nd (Wednesday), June 23rd (Thursday), June 24th morning (Friday)

I request to plan a presentation of my paper on….

I need audiovisual equipment for my paper presentation (specify the kind of equipment).

3. The study tour and sessions in Ukraine:

I intend to take part in the study tour and sessions in Ukraine (24th-29th June).

    Wiesław Krajka

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