Beyond the classroom

Doctoral students in the Political Science and Public Administration Program learn also outside the classroom. They are deeply engaged in the operations of UMCS participating in the Doctoral Students Government at UMCS as well as in many other student organizations and clubs.  

In addition, they can attend almost daily open lectures, panel discussions, and informal academic talks as well as participate in the cultural, public, and intellectual events on the campus. These events enrich formal courses and research work of doctoral students in Political Science and Public Administration by exposing them to leading visiting scholars, policymakers, public advocates, members of national and international public bodies and organizations as well as members of international civil society.   

 Students can also profit from the culture and community of Lublin, an exceptional city to study political science and international relations with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe as it played an important role in the history of the region. The city has a 700-year-long history of being at the crossroads of cultures and religions of Europe. It is here that in 1569 Polish-Lithuanian Union was signed. The Union had a durable cultural impact that laid ideological foundations for today's European Union. Lublin is a city of rich cultural and social capital which provides excellent studying and research environment as well as significantly contributes to the knowledge-based economy in the region. It is well known for its great academic traditions. With more than 80 thousand students the city provides a stimulating atmosphere for studying.

Finally, doctoral students participate in global affairs through the network on UMCS global partners, internships, exchange programs, and students projects.  They allow the doctoral students to get practical experience and perspectives outside of the classroom as well as to include fieldwork in their research


Nolwazi Zeena Mhodi, a student in Doctoral Program in Political Science and Public Administration Program

“… UMCS has been my home for a while and l have managed to establish a network here that helps me develop. I chose to do my Ph.D. with UMCS because it offers me more than academic support. The great thing is that l can also get to do other cool research stuff, conferences, seminars, and most importantly get faculty support from lecturers. If you have a question you can always write  or talk to someone….”

 UMCS Political Science Institute and Faculty offer various programs and facilities reaching beyond the coursework:

  • UMCS Career Services and Internship Program
  • Students Conferences and Projects
  • Visiting Scholars Program at UMCS Political Science Faculty
  • Guest Speakers Program and Lecture Series
  • Open University Lectures Program
  • Local Community Outreach Program and Voluntary Work
  • International Students Office
  • East Europe Centre
  • European Centre
  • Centre for Languages
  • Centre for Polish Language and Culture
  • Erasmus + Office
  • Academic Cultural Centre “Chatka Żaka”
  • UMCS Students and Doctoral Students Government


For more information on student life at UMCS please check the UMCS website here or the  UMCS Guide for International Students

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