Admission 2019/20

The recruitment and admissions to the Doctoral Program in Political Science and Administration (in English) are run by the Recruitment Commission and the Recruitment Office of the UMCS Doctoral School of Social Sciences. 

Address: Weteranów 18, 20-038 Lublin, Poland

Contact persons: Prof. dr.hab.Agata Ziętek 

All applications are filed by candidates through the UMCS Online Application System (IRK System) 



17.06.2019 - Launching the Candidates' registration through Online Admission System (IRK);

17.06.2019 - Beginning of accepting Candidates' documents, ul. Weteranów 18, 20-038 Lublin;

20.07.2019 - Last day of registration through Online Admission System (IRK);
22.07.2019 - Completion of accepting documents from the Candidates. Doctoral School of Social Sciences  (18 Weteranów, 20-038 Lublin) must receive documents sent by the post office no later than  22.07.2019. Foreigners can send scans of documents to the e-mail address of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences (, documents must be submitted by the end of 22.07.2019;
27.07-31.07.2019 - interviews with Candidates in the following disciplines:
  • 27.07.2019 - Legal Sciences and Sociological Sciences; 
  • 29.07.2019 - Economy and Finances and Management and Quality Sciences; 
  • 30.07.2019 - Pedagogy and Psychology; 
  • 31.07.2019 - Social Communication and  Media, and Political Science and  Administration;
03.08.2019 - Announcement of the results.

New Calendar for applications to Doctoral Program in Political Science and Public Administration 

29/07/2019 Registration of Candidates in the UMCS Online Application System (IRK System)  re-opens and reception of Candidates' documents starts at the Registration Office, School of Social Sciences, Address: ul. Weteranów 18, 20-400 Lublin, Poland

18/08/2019 Registration of Candidates in the UMCS Online Application System (IRK System) closes

18/08/2019 Reception of the documents from the Candidates closes. 

Address of the Registration Office of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Weteranów 18, 20-400 Lublin, Poland. Candidates can send scans of documents to  the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, or the Rector's Representative for Doctoral School of Social Science 

All documents must reach the Registration Office by 18/08/2019, 24:00 (12.00 AM) (CEST)

20/08/2019 Interviews with Candidates for the Political Science and Public Administration Doctoral Program 

20/08/2019 Announcement of the list of admitted doctoral students.


The Doctoral Program in Political Science and Public Administration (in English) welcomes Candidates who hold a Master’s degree or equivalent degree.  The Candidates should have a very good command of English  (B2 level in Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment CEFR) or higher and be able to follow courses, speak and write in English. The Candidates should also present during the recruitment process an outline of the Individual Research Project with the proposed area, topic, schedule, and ideas for the doctoral research.


The Doctoral Schools admit persons who hold Master’s diploma (magister), Master-Engineers diploma (magister inżynier), or equivalent diploma. Candidates should provide a copy of the Master’s diploma, as well as the Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the Outline of Individual Research Plan

The academic CV should include in. al. obtained of university degrees and other educational history, awards and scholarships, significant achievements in research and professional work, other most important professional or academic experiences,  teaching experience, administrative and organizational experience, publications, conference presentations,   participation in organizations and societies, other skills (incl. technological), knowledge of foreign languages. 

Candidates to the Doctoral Program in Political Science and Administration (in English) should supply the following:

  1. Application for admission to UMCS Doctoral School of Social Sciences (generated by the UMCS Online Application System (IRK System)
  2. Copy of the Master's Degree Diploma or equivalent
  3. Outline of the Individual Research Project the candidate intends to prepare for a doctoral dissertation
  4. Current photograph, consistent with the requirements applicable when issuing identity cards in Poland
  5. Documents confirming the previous academic achievements of the Candidate:

a) mandatory

  • diploma thesis prepared for the studies, under which the Candidate obtained a Master's Degree
  • academic CV
  • documents confirming participation in scientific conferences, membership in scientific clubs and associations, research projects, etc.
  • opinion letter on the Candidate’s predisposition for the academic research and teaching, the opinion letter should be prepared by a person at least with a doctorate

b) optional



 The recruitment procedure consists of two stages. The first stage includes:

  1. evaluation of an outline of the Individual Research Project provided by the Candidate (max. 30 points)
  •  originality / scientific value of the project (max. 10 points)
  •  theoretical foundation and bibliography of the project (max. 7 points)
  •  the methodological framework of the project (max.7 points)
  • feasibility of the project (max. 6 points)

         2. evaluation of the candidate's previous scientific achievements (max.10 points)

The second stage includes an interview during which the Candidate can receive a maximum of 60 points for:

  1. Candidate’s justification of the selection of the topic Individual Research Project (max. 20 points)
  2. Candidate’s orientation in issues related to the Individual Research Project (max. 20 points)
  3. Candidate’s knowledge of the methodology (max. 20 points)

In total, the candidate can get 100 points for both stages of the procedure. Candidates who will receive at least 30 points from the first stage will be admitted to the interview. Candidates who obtained at least 35 points for the interview are included in the ranking list of applicants.

The total number of points obtained during the recruitment procedure determines the place of the candidate on the ranking list. The UMCS Doctoral School of Social Sciences offers Candidates 19 places for the academic year 2019/20.


Doctoral Programs at UMCS are tuition-free. Doctoral students get Doctoral Scholarships for the duration of the program. The average amount of doctoral scholarships is 2371,70 PLN.  Students can apply for additional funding e.c. scholarships from national and international academic funding programs,  programs offered by municipal and regional authorities,  grants for research, conferences, and study visits. 

UMCS Doctoral Program in Political Science and Administration (in English) offers 4 doctoral STER Scholarships based on academic achievements to the foreign doctoral students in the Program. STER Scholarships are available for first-time international students in Polish universities. The scholarships will be awarded after the first semester of the Program based on the doctoral students’ evaluations. The scholarships are awarded for a year and are supplementary to the doctoral scholarships every doctoral student gets for the duration of the program. The average amount of the Scholarship will be 2000 PLN. The STER Scholarships Program is funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) within the STER Programme – Doctoral Scholarships for Foreigners. 


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