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dr inż. Tomasz Jaroch

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Prywatnie - zainteresowania z dziedziny motoryzacji (motocykle), paralotniarstwo, nurkowanie, wycieczki górskie

Działalność naukowa

1) Supramolecular organization of liquid-crystal dimers-bis-cyanobiphenyl alkanes on HOPG by scanning tunneling microscopy,

2018 Nanoscale
10(34), pp. 16201-16210

2) Gold-capped silicon for ultrasensitive SERS-biosensing: Towards human biofluids analysis

2018 Materials Science and Engineering C
84, pp. 208-217

3) Luminophore from forgotten dye: di(Alkylthiophene) derivative of benzo[h]benz[5,6]acridino[2,1,9,8-klmna]acridine

2017 Synthetic Metals
232, pp. 117-122

4) Soluble Flavanthrone Derivatives: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application to Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

2016 Chemistry - A European Journal
22(23), pp. 7978-7986

5) Star-Shaped Conjugated Molecules with Oxa- or Thiadiazole Bithiophene Side Arms

2016 Chemistry - A European Journal
22(33), pp. 11795-11806

6) Self-assembly of tetraalkoxydinaphthophenazines in monolayers on HOPG by scanning tunneling microscopy

2015 Surface Science
641,20491, pp. 252-259

7) Structural, spectroscopic, electrochemical, and electroluminescent properties of tetraalkoxydinaphthophenazines: New solution-processable nonlinear azaacenes

2015 Journal of Physical Chemistry C
119(19), pp. 10700-1070


8) Supramolecular organization of bi- and terthiophene disubstituted diketopyrrolopyrrole, donor-acceptor-donor semiconducting derivatives

2015 Synthetic Metals
204,14903, pp. 133-140

9) Self-assembly properties of semiconducting donor-acceptor-donor bithienyl derivatives of tetrazine and thiadiazole - Effect of the electron accepting central ring

2013 Langmuir
29(47), pp. 14503-14511

10) Two-dimensional supramolecular organization in oligomers of dialkylterthiophenes-effect of the alkyl substituent position

2010 Journal of Physical Chemistry C
114(33), pp. 13967-13974

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