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Ph.D. Damian Nieckarz

Ph.D. Damian Nieckarz
Telephone number
81 537-77-65
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The summer semester, the academic year 2020/2021 - room 618, 6th-floor, Chemistry - the large building. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30-15:30 UMCS Virtual Campus, link below:

Other dates of the scientific consultations - please contact me in advance by phone or e-mail.


pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 3/511 20-031 Lublin
20-553 Lublin

Personal information

In 2016, dr Damian Nieckarz defended his doctoral dissertation "Theoretical research on self-organization of molecules in adsorbed metal layers". Currently, he works as an adjunct in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. So far he has taken part in several research projects like SONATA BIS 2, IDEAS PLUS, OPUS 9 and MINIATURE 2. Currently, as a manager, he is implementing the NCN SONATA 14 research grant. Dr Nieckarz's research topic is related to the application of lattice Monte Carlo computer simulations in the research of self-assembly processes of organic molecules in layers adsorbed on flat surfaces. His area of scientific interest includes in particular deterministic fractal structures and supramolecular tesselations. He is the author of several dozen scientific publications from "The Philadelphia List", one chapter in the book and more than 30 conference speeches.

Scientific Activity

Scientific interests:

[1] Self-assembly in the adsorbed overlayers

[2] Lattice Monte Carlo computer simulations

[3] Supramolecular structures

[4] Fractals

[5] Quantum chemistry

[6] Mathematics

[7] Statistics

[8] Tesselations

Key scientific publications:

[1] D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, Simulation of the self-assembly of simple molecular bricks into Sierpiński triangle, Chem. Comm., 50, 6843-6845, 2014.

[2] J. Eichhorn, D. Nieckarz, O. Ochs, D. Samanta, M. Schmittel, P. Szabelski, W. M. Heckl, and M. Lackinger, On-surface Ullmann coupling: The influence of kinetic reaction parameters on the morphology and quality of covalent networks, ACS Nano, 8, 7880–7889, 2014.

[3] X. Zhang, N. Li, G. Gu, H. Wang, D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, Y. He, Y. Wang, C. Xie, Z. Shen, J. Lu, H. Tang, L. Peng, S. Hou, K. Wu, Y. Wang, Controlling molecular growth between fractals and crystals on surfaces, ACS Nano, 9, 12, 11909-11915, 2015.

[4] L. Xu, Y. Yu, J. Lin, X. Zhou, W. Tian, D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, S. Lei, On-surface synthesis of two-dimensional imine polymers with tunable bandgap: a combined STM, DFT and Monte Carlo investigations, Nanoscale, 8, 8568-8574, 2016.

[5] D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, Chiral and fractal: from simple design rules to complex supramolecular constructs, Chem. Commun., 52, 11642-11645, 2016.

[6] A. Rastgoo-Lahrood, N. Martsinovich, M. Lischka, J. Eichhorn, P. Szabelski, D. Nieckarz, T. Strunskus, K. Das, M. Schmittel, W. M. Heckl, M. Lackinger, From Au-thiolate chains to thioether Sierpiński triangles: the versatile surface chemistry of 1,3,5-tris(4-mercaptophenyl)benzeze on Au(111), ACS Nano, 10, 12, 10901-10911, 2016.

[7] X. Zhang, N. Li, H. Wang, G. Gu, Y. Zhang, D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, S. Hou, B. K. Teo, Y. Wang, Influence of relativistic effects on assembled structures of V-shaped bispyridine molecules on M(111) surfaces where M = Cu, Ag, Au, ACS Nano, 11, (8), 8511-8518, 2017.

[8] C. Li, X. Zhang, N. Li, Y. Wang, J. Jang, G. Gu, Y. Zhang, S. Hou, L. Peng, K. Wu, D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, H. Tang, Y. Wang, ,,Construction of Sierpiński triangles up to the fifth order”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139 (39), 13749-13753, 2017.

[9] D. Nieckarz, P. Szabelski, Self-assembly of conformationally flexible tripod functional molecules: structural analysis from computer simulations, Chem. Commun., 54, 8749-8752, 2018.

[10] D. Nieckarz, W. Rżysko, P. Szabelski, On-surface self-assembly of tetratopic molecular building blocks, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20, 23363-23377, 2018.


[1] 2016-2017 IDEAS PLUS (IdP 2012/0002//62)

[2] 2016-2019 OPUS-9 (2015/17/B/ST4/02616)

[3] 2019 NCN MINIATURA 2

[4] 2020 SONATA 14 (2018/31/D/ST4/01443)

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