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Irmina Wawrzyczek, PhD

dr hab. Irmina Wawrzyczek
university professor
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81-537 2648
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On sabbatical leave: 01 March-01 August 2021

Personal information

Irmina Wawrzyczek is professor of Anglo-American cultural history and cultural studies. Her academic work focuses mainly on the cultural history of British Colonial America, particularly the Chesapeake area. The second area of her research interests is the cultural study of the British and American press - historic and contemporary. She recently ventured into the study of tourism promotion media as cultural texts.

Scientific Activity


  1. Planting and Loving: Popular Sexual Mores in the Seventeenth Century Chesapeake.Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin, 1998, ss. 250.
  2. Oswajanie Innego. Obraz Polski i Polaków w prasie brytyjskiej w latach 2002-2007 (Domesticating the Other: Representations of Poland and the Poles in the British press 2002-2007 - original in Polish; co-authors Z. Mazur, H. Szewczyk), Wydawnictwo Gaudium, Lublin 2010, ss. 276.

Selected publications about the cultural history of Colonial America:

  1. „The Women of Accomack versus Henry Smith: Gender, Legal Recourse, and the Social Order in Seventeenth-  Century Virginia”, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 105, no. 1 (1997): 5-26.
  2. “Plantation Economy and Legal Safeguards of Sexual Discipline in Early Tobacco Colonies”, in: Helle Porsdam, ed., American Folkways and Law Ways: Law in American Studies, Odense University Press, Odense, 2001: 33-51.
  3. “The Study of U.S. History In Poland”, in: Cornelis A. van Minnen and Sylvia Hilton, eds., Teaching and Studying U.S. History in Europe: Past, Present and Future, VU University Press, Amsterdam, 2007: 209-218.
  4. Nicolas Barreyre, Max Edling, Simon Middleton, Sandra Scanlon, Irmina Wawrzyczek, "’Brokering’ or ‘Going Native’: Professional Structures and Intellectual Trajectories for European Historians of the United States”, American Historical Review (2014), vol. 119 (3): 760-770.
  5. Kazimierz Pułaski alias Casimir Pulaski and His Memorial Trajectory in the Eighteenth- Century American Press”, Białostockie Teki Historyczne, Tom 15 (2017): 35-52.

Selected articles on the British and American press:

        1. „New Europe, Old Games: Making Sense of Anglo-Polish Media Coverage of England versus Poland    Football  Matches”  (co-authors J. Maguire, R. Elliott, Z. Mazur), Sport in Society, vol. 12, issue 2 (2009): 141-155.

        2. „Polak jako „Inny” w brytyjskich dyskursach prasowych, 2003-2006” (co-author Z. Mazur), w: H. Grzymała-Moszczyńska, A. Kwiatkowska i J.Roszak, eds., Drogi i rozdroża. Migracje Polaków w Unii Europejskiej po 1 maja 2004 roku. Analiza psychologiczno-socjologiczna, Wydawnictwo NOMOS, Kraków 2010:70-88.

        3. "Successful Life in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Virginia: A Sampling of Death Notices in The Virginia Gazette,”  Białostockie Teki Historyczne, Vol. 11 (2013): 71-82.

        4. “Tourist Destination Marketing and Interculturality: The Polish City of Kraków in the British Press,” in: M.J. Rozbicki, ed., Perspectives on Interculturality: The Construction of Meaning in Relationships of Difference. Palgrave McMillan, 2015: 223-236.

        5. “Interculturality and sport: mediatization of culture contact  in reporting Euro 2012 by the British and Irish national press” (co-author Z. Mazur),  Artes Humanae, vol. 1 (2016): 147-162.  

        6. “Racist and Neo-Nazi Panic in the Euro 2012 Coverage by the British Press: A Discursive Failure in Interculturalism”,  Brno Studies in English, vol. 43, no. 1 (2017): 89-105. 

Cultural studies of tourism promotion media:

      1. “ Knowing, Living and Breathing Jane Austen in England’s Tourism Promotion Campaign 2017”, in:  A. Kędzierska, A. Kędra-Kardela, M. Pypeć, eds., Studies in English Literature and Culture: In Honour of Grażyna Bystydzieńska. Wydawnictwo  UMCS: Lublin 2017: 279-290. 

      2. “Scottish Wilderness Rejuvenated: The Regional Identity of Scotland as a Tourist Destination in The Scots Magazine 2017-2018,” Anglica. An  International Journal of English Studies, vol. 29, no. 3 (2020): 31-43.

      3. “Selling Seniors to Themselves: The Cultural Identity of Mature Travellers in Tourism Promotion Media of 2010s”, in: P. Rutkowski, J. Wierzchowska, eds., Texts, Images, Practices: Contemporary Perspectives on American, British and Polish Cultures.  Peter Lang, Peter Lang: Berlin etc.  2021: 71-82.

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