International annual conference

Mediatization of public and private spheres.
International comparative perspectives

Lublin, 17-18 June 2020

Institute of Social Communication and Media Science - Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin
Institute of International Studies - University of Wroclaw
Research section: Mediatization – Polish Communication Association

Mediatization research offers some of the strongest and most influential social science perspectives on current societal transformation. It has been widely discussed and further developed in many regards. The explanatory power of mediatization lies in its capability to catch media related transformations, taking place in almost every domain of private and public life. While explaining the specificity of the mediatization (meta)processes it is claimed that media communication becomes increasingly advanced (in terms of media technology and the number of communication channels), takes place continuously (in different forms) and encompasses more and more research questions. Consequently, the goal of this discussion is to .deepen and widen our understanding of mediatization processes in different national contexts.

Suggested topics:

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Theory of mediatization – conceptualizations and operationalizations – the constructivist and systemic/institutional approaches;
  2. Investigating the (meta)process of mediatization - the methodological challenges;
  3. New manifestations of mediatization in different cultures, as well as in various societal, political and technological contexts;
  4. Mediatization of political communication – automatization, platformization, algorithimization;
  5. Mediatization of communication, and culture;
  6. Mediatyzation of journalistic practices;
  7. Idiosyncrasies of different domains of mediatization – education, religion, arts, music, literature, sport, consumption and other fields of private and public life;
  8. The deepening of mediatization process – digitalization and datafication, supersaturation of private and public life.

The goal of this academic event is to provide a forum for discussion and cooperation among mediatization scholars, as well as to give the space to deliberate on key problems of mediatization research, including new phenomena of deep mediatization.

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