Students' life

UMCS is a modern university. Thus, it cannot function without students who are active in Student Union and master their skills in over 80 research-interest groups and student organisations. Such individuals develop their passions and place UMCS on high positions in various cultural and sport rankings not only in Lublin Province but also in Poland.

Student interest-research groups provide students with opportunities to broaden their knowledge that frequently exceeds programme syllabi. These units deal also with cultural and scientific activities and each student may become a member of such a body. Moreover, there are local representative offices of national and international student organisations, e.g. AEGEE, AIESEC Lublin, ESN Lublin, and NZS.

Management Board of the UMCS Student Union (ZUSS; cares for student welfare and participates in making decisions on undertaking ongoing student-related activities. The most important initiatives in which the SU is involved include “Kozienalia” (Student Culture Days in May), The Hazing, and bonding trips, i.e. Adapciak or Zimowisko. Furthermore, the Student Union organizes training courses and workshops in various fields. It also cares for implementing results of student teaching satisfaction surveys, organizes numerous cultural events, and carries out various projects.

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